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Program Support

We offer year round support to your program in several ways to ensure sponsorship is always top priority

Custom Sponsor Website

Having a linked logo on your website is a common way to acknoweldge your sponsors. Sponsor Helper takes this task off your plate with a custom page showing your sponsors. Now that is helpful!

Invoice Follow-up

In the event your sponsor chooses to pay by paper check, our system tracks that payment against the due date and send reminders for past due payments. In the event the sponsors exceeds those online reminders we follow-up for payment via a phone call on your behalf. Your volunteer just needs to mark the payment as received once it arrives.

Live Online Chat

Our system allows for live online chat with potential sponsors. We can move quickly to answer any questions they may have and direct them to you when appropriate leading to a quick close.

No Long Term Contracts

Sponsor Helper is here to help your nonprofit and long term contracts do not help anyone. We are committed to providing the best service to your nonprofit and we stand behind this promise by only offering 1 year term contracts. This freedom allows your nonprofit to try out our service for a short time, if you are not happy or this is not for you - you can cancel each year.

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