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Reduced Workload

Let us take the work off your hands, you have too much to do and we will handle the majority of the workload for you.

Custom Sponsor Website

Having a linked logo on your website is a common way to acknoweldge your sponsors. Sponsor Helper takes this task off your plate with a custom page showing your sponsors. Now that is helpful!

Assigning Team Sponsors

Let's automate the team sponsor process. No matter if you are selling a single team or an entire division, we can automate the process and even coordinate directly with the uniform vendor. You are kept in the loop the entire time as you watch the work get done!

Automated Print Production

Selling banners, ads, or other print sponsorships? No problem, we can connect with your print vendor to automate the entire design and production process. Sending that first email to start the design process is easy - we can work with any vendor and you are included in the process for monitoring purposes.

Validated Email Contacts

We periodically scan our database of contacts to keep it fresh. When a contact's email comes back as invalid we quickly work to identify a replacement contact at that potential sponsor. This is a powerful tool that is leveraged on your behalf to ensure we are always talking to the right people to communicate your program.

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