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Social Media Monitoring

We monitor several areas of Social Media and can alert you when needed to help build stronger ties with your sponsors.

Social Media Recognition

Each sponsor who uses our system has their contribution recognized via our social media channels, to save your volunteers time we encourage you to share our post.

Custom Sponsor Website

Having a linked logo on your website is a common way to acknoweldge your sponsors. Sponsor Helper takes this task off your plate with a custom page showing your sponsors. Now that is helpful!

Shared Files for Logos

Sharing your sponsor's logo on social media is a great way to recognize their contributions, it is also time consuming to collect and format these logos. Our system not only collects logos from the sponsors it formats them into a 1:1 ratio and stores them on a shared folder for your volunteers to access. Need the unedited logo for printing uniforms? You will have access to them as well.

Interaction With Your Sponsors

We monitor all of your sponsors on social media, if we see an opportunity for you to have increased interactions we will alert you. These additional interactions through social media add value to your sponsors.

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