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Sponsor Solicitation

Unlike other platforms, we actively solicit sponsors on your behalf.

Advanced Software

Advanced software allows us to locate the correct contact at any given company.

Regional Relationships

Our involvement in many sponsorship programs gives us a unique position to make and grow regional relationships with larger companies that benefit you.

Sponsor Monitoring

We monitor the social media channels of your sponsors, this gives us awareness of situations that might impact sponsorship renewal; this could include relocating, ownership or management changes, staffing needs/issues, and business health.

Renewed Opportunities

We monitor the social media of all potential sponsors. Sometimes it takes several years to gain support. We focus on building the relationship with them so when the time is right they use the Sponsor Helper platform. Things such as a change in management or ownership, a renovation, or continued growth offer us an opportunity to check in with them to see if the time is right to support their community.

Connecting Through Networking

We never stop looking for potential sponsors for your nonprofit and often attend networking events (in person when we can) to help spread the word about supporting the community. Most businesses are willing to support a local nonprofit but are unaware of how impactful their sponsorship can be or unaware of how easy the Sponsor Helper platform makes it to be a part of their community.

Validated Email Contacts

We periodically scan our database of contacts to keep it fresh. When a contact's email comes back as invalid we quickly work to identify a replacement contact at that potential sponsor. This is a powerful tool that is leveraged on your behalf to ensure we are always talking to the right people to communicate your program.

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