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Program Design

We are by your side and help you design the program that best suits your mission and goals.

Sponsor Solicitation

Unlike other platforms, we actively solicit sponsors on your behalf.

Online Store

We customize your store and sell sponsorships online, no more paper forms or tracking orders manually.

Reduced Workload

Let us take the work off your hands, you have too much to do and we will handle the majority of the workload for you.

Program Support

We offer year round support to your program in several ways to ensure sponsorship is always top priority

Payment/ Collections

Collecting and tracking payments for sponsorships is no easy tasks. Our tools make it easier for you and allows you to accept many payment methods.


We build relationships and long term support for your organization. Unlike other platforms, we work to ensure sponsors renew each year.


Compliance with rules and regulations is important and cannot be overlooked.

Tips and Tricks

Volunteering doesn't need to be hard. We make it easy by sharing tips and keeping an eye on things for you.

Social Media Monitoring

We monitor several areas of Social Media and can alert you when needed to help build stronger ties with your sponsors.


Sponsor Helper focuses on the long term health of your organization. Do you have a 3, 5, and 10 year plan?


We are out in your community representing you virtually and in person.


We are here for the long term! We invest in our partners to help them grow.

Bulk Pricing

We leverage the size of all of our organizations to secure bulk pricing and savings for all.

How We Help

We run professional sponsorship programs for nonprofits. Below are just some of the benefits of working with Sponsor Helper. 

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