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Dine and Donate - SSC

SKU 10015-DD


Join Springfield Soccer Club as a Dine and Donate sponsor, exclusively available to our Food Industry sponsors! We want to partner with you to make your Dine and Donate support even more rewarding. Dine and Donate events are already great—we’re making them even better!


Here’s how it works: You contribute $350 in support of our league, and in return, you will receive a full yard sign sponsorship package. We will coordinate up to two Dine and Donate events at your location over the next 12 months, continuing until the proceeds match your $350 contribution. The best part? You keep the first $350 to recoup your initial investment in our club, and only the additional revenue beyond that is donated to us. This deal not only pays for itself but also secures you proper recognition and provides our club with the critical sponsorship funds needed to cover our costs.


This package includes:

  • 1 yard sign sponsorship, featuring a custom sign displayed on every game day at our park.
  • Up to two dedicated Dine and Donate events over 12 months, helping you earn back your initial $350 investment.
  • Social media recognition.
  • An invitation to our Soctoberfest event.


📍Park Address: Laurel Beech Park, 1313 E Mermaid Ln, Wyndmoor, PA 19038

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