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Payment/ Collections

Collecting and tracking payments for sponsorships is no easy tasks. Our tools make it easier for you and allows you to accept many payment methods.

Online Payments

Easy to use with many payment options available, online payments increase revenue for your organization.

Invoice Follow-up

In the event your sponsor chooses to pay by paper check, our system tracks that payment against the due date and send reminders for past due payments. In the event the sponsors exceeds those online reminders we follow-up for payment via a phone call on your behalf. Your volunteer just needs to mark the payment as received once it arrives.

Processing Fees

In those states where it is permitted, the sponsor is asked to cover the transaction fee if they decide to pay via online payment. This helps keep costs down for the nonprofit. The sponsor can also pay via ACH or send a paper check to avoid fees.

Custom Invoices

Sponsors who opt to pay by paper check are sent a custom invoice from the system.

Still Accepting Checks

Your custom online store still allows the sponsor to pay via ACH or paper check sent to your address.

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