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Field Sign - SFYFC



Come support our league with a customized Sign at our complex.  With three fields to choose from, you can pick one or more areas to show your support for our non-profit.  Our complex, located on Lewis Road at the Springford Intermediate School Campus (grades 5-7) provides high traffic and exposure throughout the year.


Each Sign is customized to your specifications by our professional sign company and displayed during our season which runs from August - December. 

Fields to Choose From:

🏆🏈Main Field:  This is where the main action happens and is seen as our showcase field.  This field is equipped with a scoreboard, a snack bar, and plenty of places for our fans to cheer us on!  


🏈Field 2: This field is located next to Field 1 and is used as our secondary game day field. All ages utilize this field throughout the season. 


🏈Field 3: This field is located next to Field 1 and is attached near the end zone. All ages utilize this field throughout the season and all traffic accessing Fields 2 or Fields 3 must walk past these banners to get to their final destination. 


📍Complex Address: 833 S Lewis Rd, Royersford, PA 19468


All Sponsors Receive:

  • 1 Social Media Shout out on all of our social media channels
  • A linked logo on our website
  • A dedicated vendor spot during our annual Ram Bowl (sponsors are welcome to bring a table, chair(s), and all material for the vendor event as they wish)
  • Any sponsor who donates at least $1,000 will be allowed to send 1 custom email to our distribution list. The organization will approve the wording before sending the email.


🪧Sign Specifications: 

Material: Coroplast - A durable plastic material with a life expectancy of 3 years.

Size: 42"h X 72"w

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What field should your banner be on?