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Join the winning team as a proud sponsor with Whitpain Recreation Association, and make a lasting impact on the community through our diverse range of recreational sports programs. With options spanning Baseball, Softball, Quickball, Buddy Ball, Soccer, Top Soccer (adaptive soccer), Basketball, and Top of the Key (adaptive basketball), you have the unique opportunity to choose the perfect fit for your company's values and interests.


Why Sponsor a Team with Whitpain Recreation Association?


Visible Brand Presence: Showcase your company's commitment to community and sportsmanship with your logo prominently displayed on the back of the team jerseys or as an arm patch. Be recognized as a key player supporting local youth sports!


Engage with the Community: Connect with over 3,000 kids and their families through custom-directed emails, ensuring your brand resonates with an active and involved audience. Our sponsorship goes beyond the field, fostering a sense of community engagement that transcends the game.


Social Media Exposure: Amplify your brand's visibility through our active social media channels. Gain recognition and exposure through posts, shoutouts, and highlights, reaching a broad audience of sports enthusiasts and community members.


Exclusive Marketing Opportunities: Receive exclusive invitations to marketing events during league activities. Network with fellow sponsors, engage with the community, and explore collaborative opportunities to enhance your brand's visibility.


Support Adaptive Sports: Show your dedication to inclusivity by sponsoring adaptive sports programs like Top Soccer and Top of the Key. Demonstrate your company's commitment to creating opportunities for all individuals, regardless of ability, to participate in the joy of sports.


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