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Community Marketing Services

Full service and affordable community marketing services to help connect your brand with nonprofits in your community!

Let Sponsor Helper make you the hero your community deserves by using our Community Marketing Services. Easily leverage our expertise and platform to sponsor any nonprofit while ensuring your brand is properly represented.

From the smallest to the largest nonprofit we can match their sponsorship program to your marketing strategy and budget and we can do it all in 1 place.

Contact us today to build your community marketing strategy!

Supporting Your Community Is As Easy As..... 1, 2, 3
1. Define Your Plan

In a few simple steps we will help you define your plan and identify what types of groups you would like to support, where you are looking to support these groups and what your ideal sponsorship goal looks like. 

2. Set Your Budget

Let's set a budget. Before we start pulling opputunities for you, lets establish a budget and decide how we want to allocate it. 

3. Get Back to Work

Get back to work, we will take it from here and keep you up to date on opportunities. Use our platform to easily track all of your sponsorships, change or edit your plan or budget, and renew for next year! 

Our Service Allows You to Get Back to Work

Sponsoring nonprofits, although rewarding, tends to be time consuming. As most nonprofits are run by volunteers, it often requires you to invest more time to set-up a sponsorship. We handle all of the administrative work so you can concentrate on building your business.

Why Support Local Nonprofits?

Nonprofits offer affordable ways to advertise your business when compared to other mediums. You can achieve impression rates for pennies on the dollar while supporting a good cause!

Good Will

72% of consumers want companies to make a positive impact on society. Nonprofit sponsorship is a good way to make a difference where you are.


The money raised through nonprofit sponsorships is reinvested locally, making your community stronger.

Grass Roots

Nonprofits are "grass roots" marketing opportunities that other mediums just cannot match.


Nonprofit advertising tends to place your brand in areas that have captive audiences and are not accessible to other mediums like public parks and events. Making you visible to local residents and potential customers alike.

Added Value

We unlock added value from sponsorships that you might have missed or be unaware of. We look for value in like these sponsorships like the ability to attend events, have access to distribution lists, and even added social media content.

Why Sponsor Helper

Because every Super Hero needs a sidekick!

Our Expertise

Nonprofit sponsorship is all we do. Leverage our vast knowledge, systems and passion to enhance your marketing program.

Our Service

Our top notch service will take this task off your "to-do" list. Let us help you earn your cape in the community by professionally executing your plan.

Our Pricing

Transparent and affordable, our pricing makes provides added value to give you the upper hand for your business or client.

Our Creativity

Leverage our creativity to interact with your community in fun and innovative ways.

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